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A community web forum

What is this site?

This community forum is a free service to the residents of Buccleuch Park, Glasgow. We decided to create this forum as a place not only for discussing problems and issues, but a service which would facilitate our communication and help us live better by bringing us in contact with one another. We envisaged an area where neighbours could exchange goods or services, such as baby-sitting, where people could find helpful information on service providers such as plumbers or delivery restaurants, and ultimately a place that would facilitate social interaction as our cities become increasingly hostile and impersonal.

Who created this site and who owns it?

The forum was born out of a discussion between residents which highlighted the lack of a medium of communication between neighbours, and thus our inability to discuss common problems and issues that affect our everyday life in the development. The forum is completely free to use and is not backed by any enterprise or business- it was created by residents, for residents.

So please feel free to use this forum in all ways intended, and to recommend changes or additions that you feel may reflect the way you'd like to use this.

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